Photoshoots as of January-February 2022, And New settings

Please enjoy this continuous set of blogs I will be doing throughout this year with albums that I have finished so far! By the end of February, I will be finishing up 5 sets that you all will get to see come next blog post for shoots from February-March.

But in this go-round, please enjoy these 12 shoots I've done currently and a little talk about them!

From left to right featuring:

@crashcandy_cosplay (Instagram) as Jester from Critical Role

@its_pandatime (Instagram) as Gorou from Genshin Impact

@allisonbravestep (Instagram) as Noelle from Deltarune

@reptilianreaper (Instagram) as Jinx from Arcane

@crashcandy_cosplay (Instagram) as Vi from Arcane

@artscrumbcos (Instagram) as Shigaraki from My Hero Academia

@darkwavesurfcosplay (Instagram) as Trevor Belmont from Castlevania

@foureyedspidey (Instagram) as Spider-Man

@chessokami and @carnivoreteeth (Instagram) as Aerith and Zack from Final Fantasy 7

Miranda and Anthony Valentine's Couple Shoot

Katie and Jacob Valentine's Couple Shoot

Momo Celebration of Life Cat Photoshoot

First off, almost all of these shoots were freezing!

Everyone was so brave to come out into the cold with me as the shift in weather from December to January, and January to February went from normal, rainy, slightly warm, and unbearably windy and cold. Having all these shoots turn out as great as they did while still dealing with the weather was all thanks to all my clients!~ I even have photos of @reptilianreaper and @its_pandatime wrapped in blankets in between moving to different locations to their shoots because it was so windy and/or cold on their shoot days. And for @chessokami and @carnivoreteeth's shoot at the church, we got all of the photos we needed before the sun went down and made it even more frozen on us haha!

My favorite location I got to go to shoot at for the first time was with @crashcandy_cosplay for her Jester shoot at Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, TN! I absolutely loved being able to not only have fun with Jane while we shot, but got to enjoy the clean air and scenery! The waterfall was such a perfect space to play with depth of field and I can't wait to go back there again for whatever reason!

(Examples of the waterfall using Greater depth of Field to the Left and more Shallow Depth of Field to the right!)

I also had so much fun working on composites this past month, whether it was duplication for @crashcandy_cosplay's Jester OR for @reptilianreaper's weapon attacks! Composites can take time, but they sure mean a lot when they come out just how you want them to at the end of the day. If anyone is reading this who is interested in doing composites, just know it takes time and a lot of blending!

For shoots like @its_pandatime and @allisonbravestep's, I got to use one location and edit both differently! For Corey's Gorou, we shot in the morning and kept it nice and sunny with the different Asian inspired garden set ups at the UT Botanical Gardens for Gorou's setting, while for Aryane's Noelle shoot, we used the same area -- of course more away from the Asian inspired garden set ups-- and I edited to make it more dark and blue and even added a bit of etherealness to it to fit Noelle in the second part of the game. (Fun thing looking at them side by side now, I did characters with animal ears at the same location hahaha).

I had a lot of fun showing off all of Downtown Knox's places that you can shoot at to get effective shots whether it be for cosplay or for the Valentine couple shoots I did! All of the shots shown below were all in the area of Downtown Knox!

01 / 07

And then out of all the shoots, the one that was most important and special was Momo's Celebration of Life shoot. Momo was such a special cat, and being able to capture some moments of her before her passing was very important and really made me remember what photography means to me in capturing memories.

All in all, the first shoots of the new year really have me ready to keep going even higher into the coming months! Wedding season starts for me soon, so be sure to see images from those in the next photoshoot collection blog post!


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