CosplayREalm Magazine

Disney Issue 2022 (2 Half Page Features)


Merida: @its_pandatime (Top Right, Brave Section)

Belle: @janepotter_cosplay (Top Left, Beauty and the Beast Section)

CosplayREalm Magazine

Mages and Magical Creatures Issue 2020 (Full Spread)


Bard Ariel: @xxteachanxx

Witch Belle: @tealfangcosplay

Summoner Snow White: @hannahbrookemedia

CosplayREalm Magazine

Nintendo Issue 2019 (Top Photo)


Skull Kid: @grapple_cosplay

CosplayREalm Magazine

Dungeons and Dragons Issue 2019 (Tear sheet one:Full Spread, and Tear sheet 2: Second Page,bottom middle photo)


Yasha: @spookymoonchild 

Jester: @parkerbliss

Beau: @mellophonedown

Mollymauk: @kadearang 

Caleb: @vadaweep

Fjord: @ lyric_rowan

Nott the Brave: @effingcreations

Caduceus Clay: @thegrumpy_guppy

Tennessee valley fair

Multiple photography awards over the years in the Professional Division of the Tennesse Valley Fair