worked my last photoshoot of 2021! and just in time for New Year's.

And just like that, 2021 is done!

Hope you all have had wonderful holidays and are staying well and safe!

After the mess that was 2020--where I and many other photographers had little to no income because of Covid-- 2021 surprised all of us. Once I was vaccinated and was ready to do what I could to bring my business back up again while still staying as safe as possible, I got the ball rolling.

(Side Note: Getting vaccinated was one of the best things I could do not just for my health but for others around me. It's such a good thing to do for your community to keep others safe, just like how it is to do other vaccines like the flu vaccine. If you have the ability, go get yours today! CVS Pharmacy and other places have them available. ALSO, getting the vaccination does not make you immune to Covid, so in tight spaces, be sure to still mask up for your community!)

All in all, it's been a great ride in 2021, though it was definitely fun and interesting having to learn some new maneuvers for doing photoshoots-- like getting to locations at the perfect times where it wouldn't be as crowded so there would be less of a chance of getting Covid from an unbeknownst passerby. And traveling was another matter too. I wanted to do my on-location shoots while also still being as safe as possible, so that was also a matter of timing and nature vs. urban areas.

Everyone who I met and worked with was AMAZING though. From repeat clients to new ones, you all made this year the best.

In conclusion, my shoot count comes out to:

  • 70 On Location Cosplay Shoots
  • 30 Portrait sessions, ranging from single-person portraits to families
  • 10 Weddings I did by myself
  • 12 Engagement/Couple Sessions

For what 2021 was worth, having done 120+ in a revival experience after 2020 is a pretty big accomplishment. I'm excited for what 2022 has to bring, and I hope that I'll be able to travel to cons again and do even more fun work!!!~ While also still staying as safe as possible of course. Already I have 32 Cosplay shoots,8 portrait sessions, AND 8 weddings booked, which is NUTS. So wish me luck!


Current Mood: Relief from having no backlog

Current Favorite Drink: Hot Mulled Cider

Current Favorite Song: Groove by Jack & Jack

Current Favorite Location to Photograph At: Campbell Station Park in Turkey Creek with its Christmas Lights