Is this how you make a blog? do people still blog?

I know there's tik tok now, but like...

I have probably tried blogging at least 3-4 times in my life, and like some things, it's hard to start and continue a regimen. But what I have found out that works for me is If I start on something days BEFORE a planned date, then there is an 80% chance of me keeping to it. So.

What I really plan to use for this part of my website for is to cover fun events, --like lovely weddings; or weekend trips that are full of cosplay shoots and yummy food-- and things I want to teach, which might include what I cover in the Event class that I teach at my Alma Mater . (And maybe also from time to time a few eccentric fun shenanigans.)

Something I can add to make this post a smidgeon more memorable for it being the first post is; the reason why I labeled it as "Create. Convey. Love.", which you might notice on the sidebar there.

As entrepreneurs, we have to think of tag lines that connect to us not just as business people, but as PEOPLE people. There's more of a mentality to this job than audiences really understand, and what comes with that are the matters of the heart. You have to really feel what you're doing when it comes to doing your own thing. Bakers bake, writers write, painters paint, builders build, and so on and so forth. Entrepreneurs and artists of every kind find the use of the written word in small doses to their audiences--through tag lines-- as something meaningful that pulls you into focus.

Sometimes business taglines are a sparkling shifting glimpse from that dose of word before you get to engulf in the whole big picture.

According to Google...

Create- 'bring (something) into existence.'

Convey- 'to make an idea, impression, or feeling known or understandable to someone' OR 'also to impart or communicate by a statement, suggestion, gesture, or appearance.'


For this one I won't copy and paste from what a Google search gives me; I'll simply put in what comes right out of my head: Love is when your whole body and soul feel inexplicably and unapologetically full of true feelings (affectionately) towards a person, event, moment, item, or creation.

Also, if I feel like fizzy fireworks on the inside and my cheeks hurt from smiling? That is also what love feels like to me.

I'm someone who creates, conveys, and loves what I put out for my clients and others to see. And I want my clients to know that this process is what it's like to be an artist for me. Creating images, pieces of art; Conveying a feeling or idea through my images; and then Loving the end product for my clients and for all who get to see and keep them. All three are very important things and come together to me in my work process. My heart goes into all that I do when things are fresh and working how I want them to, and keeping those 3 words close to me in all that I do --even if it is a simple tagline-- takes me farther than what I ever expected.

So, here's to my first post for a blog that I will HOPEFULLY keep to at least once a week.

And with that, I'm going to pop open a bottle of sparkling apple juice just for the occasion here at 11:00 at night and finish watching Doctor Strange.


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